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Allow us to empower you with the digital downloads that you may need for our Decking Products.  


Whether your customer is looking for design style ideas or you need a little something to inspire others to new ideas in decking, you can find our downloadable brochures right here.



Cellular Decking

What is Cellular PVC?

Cellular PVC is an extruded PVC profile with a solid outer skin and strong, durable cellular core. Often, especially for decking material, an embossing technique is used. Embossing is a wood grain pattern rolled or formed into the facing of an extruded vinyl building material. Cellular PVC is impervious to moisture, salt, and insects.


Cellular PVC products are an excellent substitute for wood products in many applications especially decking. When compared to pine, cellular PVC products outperform pine in impact strength, water absorption and resistance to burning. As the price of wood increased, cellular PVC is a cost effective and ecologically sound substitute to wood.

Endeck Brochure

Endeck Poly Brochure pg 1.jpg

Endeck  Boat Dock &

Marina Brochure


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